Quickgrind has been at the forefront of tool design and manufacturefor almost fifty years… engineering is in our blood.

We have an international reputation for solid carbide and high speed steelcutting tools for the extrusion die, fabrication, die and mould, aerospace,automotive, medical and general engineering industries.

Our objective is to help increase your productivity by optimising metal removalrates and tool life – we achieve this by ensuring application of the correcttechnology and by specifying the right tool for the job.

Very often this involves producing tools which are specific for your needs, at costs which are surprisingly little different to what you will be payingfor standard tooling.

This approach has become so successful that it has become known as ‘total solution engineering’ and has been expanded to include a range of compatible services which includes remanufacture and inventory control.

We look forward to being of service.

Customer Reviews

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What We Do

  • carbide tooling – our investment in technology allows us to supply just about any tool of any design to almost zero tolerance (more…)
  • tooling innovation – we can analyse your machining operations in order to significantly reduce your production time (more…)
  • tooling on demand – we are the experts in secure point-of-use delivery solutions for the controlled issue and tracking of high value, high volume tooling, consumables and PPE equipment (more…)